Why Authenticity Matters In Entrepreneurship

Neil Mathew
4 min readOct 21, 2022

Entrepreneurs are important to the world and society in general. Some propose innovative solutions to some of the most challenging issues humans face. Others have scaled their company to greatness because of solid products or services and excellent marketing campaigns. However, there’s another aspect to consider: how authentic is your startup?

Authenticity is the kind of trait that can help you far and beyond just business success: it can also help your relationships and help you live a more transparent life. More and more, the most authentic leaders are the ones that seem to be the most effective. Your employees will be more motivated and fulfilled in their role, but it can also help increase customer loyalty.

Let’s examine WHY authenticity can be crucial to your career, startup, or business. Here’s why authenticity matters more than you may know in your entrepreneurship journey.

Getting Clear About Your Vision

What does it mean when a person is “authentic?” We can all admit: It can be a broad and vague term. However, it usually means that you feel they live according to certain beliefs and seem to stand by them openly and honestly.

It might not surprise you that the process is similar for an authentic startup. They have core values that they believe in, operate according to those values, and can communicate what matters to them and why.

This will be INCREDIBLY important on your startup journey, as well. Your startup needs to be clear about its vision, what it’s solving, the kind of customers it needs to thrive, and how it will scale in the short and long-term. This clarity can also inform your marketing/branding campaigns, how you pitch to VCs, and lay the foundation for your company culture.

You Differentiate Yourself Immediately

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced something like this before. You’re interested in a brand of a certain product: deodorant, for example. You use it often and are satisfied with the product, but it’s nothing too special.



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