What Happened To Pat Stedman?

Neil Mathew
18 min readJan 25, 2021
From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr4FLYYbT-Q&t=2s

(Note: Since publishing, a few of the tweets that have been previously linked/referenced have been deleted).

What happened to Pat Stedman?

He is a New Jersey-based “dating strategist” who was recently arrested by the FBI thanks to his involvement in the Capitol riots:

I have been following Stedman for a while because I find his section of Twitter amusing, and have previously considered writing about some of the characters in that corner. There are many Twitter accounts that sell Ebooks and consultations claiming that they can help men do things like “become more masculine” or “reach their true potential.”

This isn’t particularly revolutionary, but I had noticed that many of these accounts skew towards Trump. These Twitter “gurus” praise Trump’s moves, denounce his enemies, and many even adopt some of Trump’s racist rhetoric.

Some were racist and misogynistic in the first place. One of the same individuals that ran in Stedman’s circle, who goes by the name “ROGUEWEALTH”, has gone out of his way to delete any of his tweets before January 12, 2021 — probably aware of how terrible they have aged. Many other “gurus” have been suspended, and others have been outed as complete frauds.

These are people that, for the most part, claimed that Trump was an “outsider”, or who consistently claimed that Trump was strategizing when he clearly wasn’t. Some of them fell into the predictable QAnon rabbit hole, while others chose to simply declare that Trump would win the election, almost daily, to rile up their audiences.

George Bruno used to tweet about some ridiculous pro-Trump material and also fell down the Q hole. His account is now completely suspended. Stedman and Bruno were part of the same circles. Here is a “21 Report” from two months ago, which features a conversation between Pat Stedman and George Bruno:

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