The Sage Wisdom Of Sango

Neil Mathew
5 min readFeb 13, 2022

I could write, at length, about Sango and his incredible music. The Soulection producer has been involved in making music with some of the most incredible R&B artists today (Bryson Tiller, Frank Ocean, Xavier Omar, and many more), and he’s also been consistently putting out unique and captivating instrumentals for over a decade.

He returns regularly to Brazil and documents his musical journeys there through the Rocinha series. This isn’t exactly the kind of move one might expect from a producer who rubs shoulders with artists like Wale and Smino. Many producers with some credibility behind them are often hoping to network deeper into the industry, rather than funneling their energy into passion projects. At the same time, it makes a bit more sense when you follow Sango on Twitter.

There, he documents his musical influencers. He warns artists about industry pitfalls, documents Michigan slang for the uninformed (such as myself), and shouts out genres that I’ve never heard before. He also tweets out advice that is relevant beyond “music industry Twitter.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that Twitter advice can be vague and uninteresting. It’s also something that Sango has noticed, too. I do feel like when Sango tweets, he does usually offer a more grounded, nuanced, or enlightening perspective than most. Hence this post, where we detail the sage wisdom of Sango — simply by bringing up some of his tweets (and production) over the years.

Everyone Wants Something

It’s easy to think of ourselves as motivated individuals who always adhere to our strictest values and principles, but I do think there’s something to be said here about “thirst.” I imagine Sango has witnessed, first-hand, all sorts of “thirst” — whether it’s an artist looking for a beat, a groupie looking for a backstage pass, or a label exec eager to work out a business deal.

There are plenty of people who are fine knowing that they aren’t chasing money or fame — but there’s usually some other motivation driving them. A journalist…



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