On #ForceTheVote, Jimmy Dore, Briahna Joy Gray, The Squad And “Sellouts”


There’s been an insane amount of discourse around Jimmy Dore, and with good reason. A portion of the Left is dedicated to uplifting him as an underdog, fighting courageously for Medicare For All while every other leftist with a platform is essentially “doing nothing.”

Dore supporters believe that he is the only one holding progressives accountable, and the fact that he has targeted The Young Turks in recent days has only galvanized this idea of Dore as a champion of progressive values. Here’s an example of the kind of recent online support for Dore:

What is the point of this article? Am I purposely trying to divide the Left? Since I disagree with #ForceTheVote, did The Young Turks convince me to write this article? Am I a “NATO shill”? The sad truth is that these are actual arguments that I could see levied my way, simply because I offer my opinion. These arguments are, of course, ridiculous.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way: I am not an experienced political consultant, and I don’t delve into political rabbit holes for days on end. I don’t have a podcast or a Youtube channel. I don’t have health insurance, and I’m not wealthy.

I don’t read Politico obsessively. If you are looking for a take from someone who understands every nuance of politics: I’m not that person. I’d rather listen to true-crime podcasts and read fiction novels.

I follow some of the leftist “influencers” that many follow — but I also don’t have some vested interest involving Patreon earnings or Youtube views. I think the most I ever made from a Medium story was about $50, but I somehow feel like there is no way that I won’t be attacked by some who read this as a “neoliberal” or something equally absurd.

For the record, I do agree with Ben Burgis here:

And…guess what? Getting attacked for writing an article? That’s okay. I’m fine with putting my opinion out there and being criticized, but I am also aware that this vitriol will be coming from Jimmy Dore fans. Jimmy Dore represents a genuine problem on the left, and it’s a problem that some people refuse to recognize. Countless articles could elaborate on why forcing the vote is a flawed strategy — but this article is more about Dore, his arc, and his supporters.

Jimmy Dore And Trump

At the beginning of this article, I made it clear that I don’t expect this article to “make the rounds” in any way. There’s a good reason for this: there aren’t podcast episodes to peruse or Jacobin articles where I offer nuanced takes on politics or society. I’ve explained why I think that some people on the right are terrible, but there hasn’t been much analysis.

So — let’s give both of ourselves the benefit of the doubt. I could cherry-pick some screenshots, and I could link to some clips or videos — but why not offer the whole picture? I’m taking the time to specifically provide something comprehensive, so why not do the work. When I search “Jimmy Dore Trump’’ on Youtube — these are the headlines that come up, and when (relatively) they were uploaded.

  1. “Trump Gasses Peaceful Protestors For Photo Op” (7 months ago)

2. “Trump Shows Bernie How To Win Pres. Election” (8 months ago)

3. “Why War Mongers Hate TRUMP!” (3 months ago)

4.“Jimmy Dore Calls Out Trump/Pelosi On Tucker Carlson” (10 months ago)

5. “Trump Tells Truth About Bernie Dropping That Democrats Won’t” (8 months ago)

6. “Jimmy’s Message To TRUMP On Tucker Carlson’s Show!” (2 months ago)

7. “Trump Listens To JIMMY DORE?” (1 month ago)

8. “Twitter Bogusly’ Fact Checks’ Trump So He Repeals Their Legal Protections” (7 months ago)

9. “Trump Listened To Jimmy About Stimulus Checks On Tucker” (1 week ago)

The idea here is simple: Dore clearly hasn’t seen the need to attack Trump during his administration as much as other progressive Youtube channels. Instead, he has pivoted to criticizing Democrats and liberals. To be fair to Dore, he isn’t as ridiculous as Tim Pool — but to compare the two in this respect wouldn’t be much of a “reach”, in my opinion.

When smarter political influencers like Sam Seder and Michael Brooks (Rest In Peace) saw through Tucker Carlson’s bullshit, what has Jimmy Dore been doing? Dore has been appearing on Tucker Carlson.

Now, a “progressive leftist” appearing on Tucker Carlson? What? Just to be clear, Tucker Carlson is someone who claimed white supremacy was a “hoax” days after a mass shooting in El Paso. The shooter left a manifesto that wanted to divide the country based on race. Tucker Carlson’s TOP writer was forced to resign after making countless racist and sexist remarks that I will not quote here because of how offensive they are.

Tucker fucking Carlson.

Now, an actual progressive appearing on Tucker Carlson would be fucking ridiculous. Dore has been subtly planning this shift for a while now. When he first appeared on Tucker Carlson earlier this year — it was a signal to many that Dore was probably beginning a new “arc” where he would begin to criticize Democrats and liberals more intensely than before.

It’s safe to say that this “theory” has been confirmed by almost any metric possible.

Jimmy Dore’s “Arc”

I mentioned that some leftists wouldn’t appreciate this appearance, but keep in mind that Dore has sold himself as a kind of outspoken renegade for a while now. Dore fans speak of him the way that Alex Jones fans used to speak about him: essentially, that major news channels are scared to have him on. He speaks too much “truth,” according to his most ardent supporters.

When Dore appeared on Carlson, there wasn’t disgust at the appearance. There was praise for Carlson for having the courage to host someone like Dore. The like/dislike ratio is quite favorable for Dore: 31,000 likes and only 437 dislikes. The top comment praises Carlson for being “willing” to have Jimmy Dore on his show.

Carlson did a lot to certify Dore’s renegade status, calling him one of the “very rare independent thinkers on the Internet.” The next time Dore appeared on Carlson, he made sure that his show’s logo was in the background. I find that Sam Seder tends to be much more insightful than many other leftist Youtubers, which is one of the reasons that he embarrassed Dore in a debate several years ago.

In fact, elaborating on how wrong Dore was in the debate would require a new article. I do want to point out that Seder saw this coming, stating in FEBRUARY of this year that Tucker Carlson’s audience and Dore’s audience were “more or less aligned anyways.”

He also calls Dore an idiot, something he has been doing for years (I’ve been watching Seder since 2015 or so). Seder was criticized for the video, with many people suggesting that Seder was jealous of Dore (a concept which, in my opinion, is laughable). At around 1:30, you can hear Seder speak about how their audiences may have common interests:

Did Dore cover Tucker Carlson calling white supremacy a hoax? Of course not. Did he cover Carlson’s writer resigning? Of course not.

Let me tell you what he did cover. Jimmy Dore talked about how Tucker Carlson “told the truth about Syria” in April 2018, dismantled” a pro-war stooge in December 2018, and defended Assange in April 2019. Here are the respective links below:

So, just to be clear — when we had to deal with a fascist president that enables white supremacists: Dore didn’t really find much to say about him. In 2019, it was already evident what kind of audience Dore was building. Dore was busy stating that Antifa was “counterproductive” and “playing into the hands of the State.”

“Neil, why do you assume things about Dore’s audience?”

I think the like/dislike ratio tells the story about where an audience’s “mentality” is at. This video with Jake Flores has 1.2K likes and 1.9K dislikes. When Jake Flores points out that Dore uses a right-wing talking point, Dore sounds surprised: “Is it?” (1:03).

Curious about the comments? The vast majority are critical of Antifa, upset that Jake Flores is on the show, and express disappointment in Dore. I tried to find a video of Jimmy Dore being critical of The Proud Boys: I found nothing. In fact, the third result is the video I just posted, which boasts the title: “Is Antifa Violence Working Or Counterproductive? w/ Jake Flores.”

When the United States President tells a white supremacist group to “stand back and stand by”, Dore doesn’t have much to say. When Antifa protests, Dore questions whether it is “productive or not.” He has also been praising Tucker Carlson for several years, for a variety of reasons.

I think Seder is right: this pivot has been coming for a while. Seder called this out with Rubin successfully — even though some people thought that he was overdoing it. I agree with Seder: he took advantage of the algorithm to essentially destroy Rubin’s credibility, and Seder is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that he isn’t taken seriously anymore.

Rubin has basically done it to himself to be fair, but Seder has done a great job of analyzing and breaking down Rubin’s grift. Michael Brooks (Rest In Peace) was also integral. Michael Brooks’s video, speaking about Jimmy Dore — almost THREE YEARS AGO — is still relevant.

At around 3:30, Brooks points out Dore’s hypocrisy. Brooks, referring to Dore’s Twitter account, says: “There’s a lot of tweets about how, you know, how garbage a lot of garbage liberals are. Very little to do with the people that are actually running the country right now…which is sort of interesting…if you’re in the news and politics business and barely have anything to say about the President of the United States who is actually a far-right corporatist.”

Matt Lech chimes in: “Neoliberalism is one thing, but galloping fascism, maybe spare a thought for it?”

Brooks continues to do a hilarious Jimmy Dore impression where he pretends that he is Jimmy Dore and calls Noam Chomsky a “fucking corporate sellout.” (around 5:30) When you consider that Dore is now calling AOC a “sellout”, and trying to push a #FraudSquad hashtag — it’s just another Michael Brooks take, like so many others, that have aged incredibly well.

“If your lane is really that American society needs a radical transformation…I know that getting there is going to take all sorts of interventions, activism, politics, and things that don’t involve presidential campaigns. Truly radical actions across the board, and forms of solidarity.”

Michael isn’t done.

“Outrage is a good business model, and it’s easy click content. Why figure out a Supreme Court ruling when you can endlessly bitch about an MSNBC segment?”

This statement could have been said about Dore yesterday.

Jimmy Dore And Ego

I understand that some of Jimmy Dore’s core supporters are not fans of ANYONE that speak negatively about Jimmy Dore. The mentality here is that Jimmy Dore is fighting for Medicare, and so that nothing he has ever said or done in the past should ever be examined.

I’m not an idealistic 19-year-old that thinks that Dore has nothing to gain here. The man may have once not been able to afford healthcare, but now he’s purchasing a $2 million dollar home. Just to be clear — I don’t think this is some sort of “gotcha.” He is successful on Youtube and decided to purchase some property.

However, Katie Halper is being 100% disingenuous when she claims that she doesn’t understand “why” people think the motive is financial. Some have watched Dore for a while now, and understand his “arc”, as it were. The idea that Dore ISN’T thinking about his career as he gains momentum and calls out politicians is absurd.

This is Dore’s brand, and he will continue to make money hand over first thanks to people that watch him. This isn’t some kind of judgment, but it is a fact. It does have to be factored in if we are going to have a real discussion about Dore and his ego.

Dore is trying to become the guy that is able to call out politicians from Youtube. It’s “his brand” now. He is now the guy who is speaking so much truth to power that the only person who will have him on his show is Tucker Carlson, and it’s a narrative that his fans eat up.

Dore often has better points than Rubin, so the idea that he’s a “grifter” isn’t as prevalent. His appearance on Joe Rogan podcasts has boosted his visibility, and a Tucker Carlson co-sign has also helped his profile.

Imagine this scene.

You’re watching a political show on Youtube, and an individual says “AOC and Pelosi are different.” This is not something that should be debated. You can absolutely have criticisms about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but to argue that she has to be lumped in with Pelosi is absolutely, and patently, absurd.

When Spielberg does this, Dore understands that this undermines his ENTIRE narrative. The reason that Dore is getting so much traction recently is that he HAS been lumping in AOC with Pelosi. To anyone rational, Spielberg stated a fact. To Dore, it’s a direct attack on something that he has been saying for months.

This isn’t just me stating that Dore has been doing this. This is directly from Jimmy Dore’s Twitter, where he argues that AOC did nothing to challenge Pelosi and that she “gave trillions to oligarchs and corporatists cementing inequality for decades….” then shared a meme mocking the Knocking Down The House Netflix documentary. See the two tweets below, from April:

When Spielberg states this fact, there’s no issue from anyone else. No one else says anything. Once that Spielberg suggests that it might be important to make a distinction — Dore flies off the fucking handle. See here:

To me, watching this, the grift is a bit clearer: Dore has built a sizable audience where it is clear that he can make a lot of money if he criticizes and rants about “sellout” progressives. This narrative doesn’t work if there are true lines drawn in the sand and the expectation that leftists understand who has their best interests in mind.

In Dore’s mind, the Squad should always be compared to Pelosi because it’s all the “establishment.” Of course, there’s one rapid way to remedy this. You clearly are in Dore’s good graces if you decide to appear on his show! Once you do that, Dore will conveniently overlook any potential flaws in your positions, just as he did with Tulsi.

The grift isn’t exactly high-brow here, and I find it disappointing that Halper won’t acknowledge it. It’s one thing to understand that someone is grifting, but it’s another to suggest that anyone even suggesting that financial gain is a priority is cynical. Halper seems to be willingly naive to the idea that Dore is trying to establish himself as a sort of progressive litmus test.

I imagine that once Dore finds out that someone doesn’t want to appear on his program, that he probably actively looks for things to criticize. It seems immature, but I do believe that there’s an “Oh, you don’t want to come on my show? Fuck you then” attitude, and it’s bizarre.

It wouldn’t be bizarre for a Youtuber in their 20s. I know that there are edgelord political commentators that say wild things on Twitch, and I hear from time to time about their difficulties with cancel culture.

But…Jimmy Dore is 55. He’s 55, and this kind of stuff extends past unhinged Youtube rants. Let’s say this is about Medicare For All, and NOT about Jimmy Dore’s ego. In the #ForceTheVote Town Hall Afterparty, Dore feels like the fact that AOC hasn’t shared the strategy “publicly” is the issue. Briahna Joy Gray has also shared this sentiment — the idea that if there was some kind of “strategy behind the scenes”, the Squad’s actions might make more sense.

Politicians are supposed to be held accountable, but why does Dore feel like he is entitled to a strategy session with politicians that he spends time attacking? His ego. Why does he mention his view count in the following clip if it’s not about his ego?

When Katie Halper makes a joke about her dog, Dore goes further, and continues to paint The Squad as “sellouts”, which plays well with his audience: “They’re the people standing between us and healthcare!”

Dore continues to push the narrative that the most progressive Democrats in office, many of whom have not even been in office that long — are the reason why Americans don’t have healthcare. There’s nothing wrong with being angry at the system — but it’s the way that some people on the Left seem to not really see through Dore’s grift that is extremely disturbing.

When Dore screams that politicians have “no fucking strategy” and tells Ben Spielberg to “stop fucking saying you don’t know” — it’s classic Dore. Many people are angry that we don’t have Medicare for all — I’m one of them.

It’s another thing entirely to attack, day in and day out, some of the most progressive (and popular) politicians in the United States. Katie Halper sits and says nothing. Briahna Joy Gray, in some cases, actively enables Dore. I believe that these people are completely destroying their credibility — but what do I know? I’m just a guy who is writing on Medium.

Is this a fight for Medicare For All? In this clip, Jimmy Dore seems to just make it about views and fame. He tells Ben Spielberg, repeatedly, in this clip: “Ben, I don’t know who the fuck you are.” Ben, an INCREDIBLY good sport (more power to you Ben), just grins.

I want to commend Ben here (not sarcastic) because holy shit…imagine if Dore spoke like that to someone who wasn’t okay with just smiling and taking it. I mean…if this is about Medicare For All, why is Dore making it about Ben? Without saying the word “sellout”, Dore basically calls Ben one: “What is in it to you, to give people who are politicians who are obviously bullshitting and gaslighting us, what is in it for you to give them every benefit of the doubt? Do you think that helps?”

Guess what? Dore strikes a COMPLETELY different tone when he has Ben on his show. To be fair to Dore, he apologies for the way he acted. He went from saying, “I don’t know who the fuck you are!” to Ben being a “super-smart progressive policy thinker.”

It’s almost like…and hear me out…Dore has a different opinion of you if you are willing to appear on his show! It would explain the attacks against AOC and his soft spot for Tulsi, wouldn’t it? When Tulsi backed off Medicare For All — Jimmy Dore made so many disgusting excuses for her that it was laughable. When The Squad doesn’t do EXACTLY what Dore wants, they are “sellouts.” Here is Youtuber Vaush pointing out the hypocrisy:

Let me be clear — the idea that this is “strategy” is sad. I genuinely believe that both Katie Halper and BJG have essentially played themselves here, especially when Dore continues down this arc in the future. His takes will undoubtedly get worse, more progressives will be “sellouts”, and he will continue to divide the Left.

Even with this clip above, at 1:14, Jimmy Dore apologizes for saying that AOC voted for The Patriot Act. It’s this kind of random shit that really works against Dore — it seems as if someone is a “sellout” to him, he’s even willing to abandon truth to do it. I mean, it makes sense: if you have an audience that cares more about your unhinged rants than getting the facts right — why not play into that?

Of course — the best part is that you can’t criticize Jimmy Dore at all! If you do, you are apparently “tone policing.” It seems as though Dore fans care less about whether he states facts and more about the people who criticize him.

Does he regularly lie about AOC? Yes. Does Dore label progressives as “sellouts” in a way that seems more personal than principled? Yes. Does he take the time to call journalists “gutless fucking liars” from a vacation in Venice, which makes me question his overall mental stability? Yes.

Believe it or not, I can support Medicare For All and still find this behavior fucking disgusting. It isn’t difficult. The people that support Dore will tell you that this is all a “distraction.” Dore is on the right side of history because he is pressuring progressives in a way that they aren’t being challenged, they will tell you.

One of the reasons that #ForceTheVote has gained traction is because he has received support from two key individuals: Kyle Kulinski and Briahna Joy Gray. While Kulinski’s influence on the Left should never be downplayed, it’s clear that Gray has become as integral to the #ForceTheVote discourse as Dore.

I think Dore is an issue, and I think it’s about more than “optics” and “tone.” Gray herself has tweeted that the Left has a “comms issue” and wishes to change that. I think that’s fair. Interestingly enough, I feel like she has distanced herself from Dore regarding these debates.

Again — according to some people on Twitter, this also immediately means something very sinister. That’s part of the issue. While Jimmy Dore’s audience isn’t QAnon status, he does have an audience that moves with his anger.

“Neil, he has a right to be angry.”

No, shit. We all do. The issue here is that I don’t call politicians a sellout when I’m angry or decide that “I made them” because they came on my show. I don’t think that millions of Twitter followers mean that you can influence actual legislation. I don’t think Tulsi is a real progressive in any meaningful sense of the word — and I also believe that this has been obvious for a while.

The problem here is that Dore’s right to be angry apparently means that he gets to be insanely toxic to the point where he undermines his own battles. I am not a fan of Dore, and this is clear. For that reason ALONE, I am sure that this article will have comments about how idiotic I am and how I clearly am content to “sit back and do nothing.”

There are people online that believe that forcing a vote for Medicare For All is the only noble thing to do here, and that refusing to do so, or even CRITICIZING the strategy, essentially “exposes you.” I think that’s laughable, and frankly — it’s childish.

The fact that Dore believes that AOC got her “start on his show” kind of speaks to the central issue here: this isn’t about Medicare For All for Jimmy Dore. It’s about money, followers, clickbait, influence, and his ego.

The ironic thing here is that Dore would never acknowledge that he got his “start” from AOC, but claims that AOC’s fame is a direct result of his Youtube channel. Anyone who thinks rationally knows that this is absurd.

So why are people like BJG defending Dore left and right?

The Gray Area

Yeah, I know — but I felt like the pun was useful.

Look, Briahna Joy Gray is clearly an intelligent and passionate person, and is much more respected in these circles than Jimmy Dore. Her support for #ForceTheVote wasn’t astounding — she has always advocated for putting pressure on politicians. Still, the fact that she now is associated with Dore is…unfortunate. So you don’t have to keep reading “Briahna Joy Gray’’ — I will continue to refer to her as BJG.

Let’s be clear about one thing: the person at the forefront of a particular issue matters. AOC is the most “visible” politician when it comes to the Green New Deal, so she receives a good deal of ire from conservative media about it. Gray wants to support Medicare For All, while also distancing herself from Dore when it’s convenient.

Here, she tells a user that they can “@ Jimmy Dore” instead of her regarding his views. Of course, this contradicts the fact that she consistently is running interference for Jimmy Dore, which @kweeninyellow points out:

Gray claims that the Left has a communications issue but then seems stunned that Dore is attacked in ANY way — which is strange to me. I’m no communications expert, but a grown man that harasses reporters from vacations in Venice and tells politicians that “We all see through you” like he’s an abusive ex in a shitty sitcom…I mean…

THAT is a communications issue, too. Right?

If BJG will call out the Left for a “communications” issue — what’s the next logical thing to do? For me, I want to examine why it seems like BJG is herself having problems with communicating on Twitter. She tweeted that Cori Bush should be protected at all costs, then deleted the tweet. Why? She has not provided a response.

In the worst example, BJG trivialized victims of sexual violence by suggesting that Jimmy Dore imitating jerking off with her hands, and tried to make this a point about how Dore is being characterized. Even after deleting it — what the FUCK was that?

Suppose we are going to criticize how the Left communicates. In that case, I’m not sure that tweeting out some pretty ridiculous takes and then immediately deleting them is the way to obtain Medicare For All. I know, I know. Call me crazy.

I don’t like or respect Jimmy Dore. That is very clear, I imagine. I do respect BJG, but it does seem like something is going on with her. I am not trying to speak on her mental health, to be clear — I don’t know her.

Here, BJG downplays door-to-door canvassing, then follows it up with a tweet about how “organizing is important.” Huh???

Oh, no — it gets MUCH worse. I am not online as much as others, but the fact that she even THOUGHT to tweet some of this stuff is wild to me.

I have no idea whether this is BJG referring to a past “lawyer” mentality where she HAS to win the fight, but here are some terrible tweets from her.

Here, BJG incredibly calls David Klion a coward for this take (he isn’t), then deletes it…which in itself is cowardly.

Here is where BJG compares Jimmy Dore making a “jerk-off” symbol with his hands to “sexual violence.” This is honestly absolutely indefensible, and she has not commented or apologized.

Here is BJG deleting her tweet that “Cori Bush should be protected at all costs.”

This is her deleting a tweet that says “Happy Wednesday” to AOC? No idea what the point of this was…

All I’m saying is…if we are going to talk about “communications”, let’s not compare a hand symbol to rape victims. That might be a good look, but I’m no expert here. But apparently, she is! That’s why she tweeted about why the “intellectual left” always loses…then deleted the tweet.

In my opinion, Briahna Joy Gray was fine with throwing her support behind Jimmy Dore, running interference for him, but if someone brings him up to her, she can just do a “Yeah, well Jimmy is Jimmy” type of dismissal. The spats now involve TYT employees, The Majority Report employees, and more.

Emma Vigeland has pointed out how the #ForceTheVote hashtag has transitioned to #FraudSquad in this tweet:

What did BJG do? BJG liked a tweet that called Emma “relentlessly dumb.”

Ana Kasparian, in my opinion, was completely right to call out both BJG and Katie Halper here:

BJG liking a tweet declaring Ana Kasparian a “white Karen”:

Nomiki Konst made a joke about how Candace Owens and Jimmy Dore would start a podcast. BJG liked a tweet suggesting that Konst should have used her following to just…agree with Jimmy Dore, and suggesting that she should feel guilty for not advancing the cause:

When Ana Kasparian called out Jimmy Dore’s insanely toxic behavior, Katie Halper deleted a tweet and Ana responded:

BJG liked this tweet, incredibly claiming that Ana Kasparian calling out Jimmy Dore’s insane behavior was akin to “middle school cafeteria nonsense.’

BJG liking a tweet declaring Ana Kasparian a “white Karen”:

BJG is smart, and it’s sad to see the discourse devolve this way. Of course, if you ask BJG or Dore, OTHER people made the conversation change. Dore could apparently call ANYONE a “sellout”, and BJG will simply sit through it and never push back. I love that BJG has a voice and following, but I do have to wonder about intentions.

She wants Medicare For All. That’s clear. She is now “feuding” with Nomiki Konst, Emma Vigeland, Jamie Elizabeth, and Ana Kasparian because she supports a 55-year-old man who will essentially call someone a “sellout” if they don’t appear on his show. Sorry — but that’s strange to me.

Kyle Kulinski and others may agree with Dore, but I don’t see him feuding like BJG, or defending many of his insane comments, or tweeting and deleting tweets that are over the line.

BJG stated on the Bad Faith Podcast that she made some “professional sacrifices’’ to “do this kind of work and not be a lawyer anymore.” I have no idea what Joy was making as a lawyer, but I know that The Bad Faith Podcast generates over $30,000 a month on Patreon.

I could completely be wrong, but I don’t think there’s some massive overhead here. The podcast also just started, which is a testament to the following that both Joy and Texas enjoy. However, I’m immediately not a fan of this sort of characterization.

I immediately find it a bit strange that Gray would make this about herself losing money, especially when she’s speaking about a fight for Medicare For All — but let’s just let that slide. I think that the criticism is relevant when you consider that the Bad Faith Podcast started a couple of months ago (BJG co-hosts the podcast with Virgil Texas)

Gray might complain about “taking less money”, but it seems to me that she will likely be making more money than she ever has before pretty soon (unless she was making, like, a million dollars a year as a lawyer). Do I care what Gray makes? No. Do I care if she follows Jimmy Dore’s path of creating clickbait content by attacking progressive politicians? Yes.

Before I get comments suggesting that I shouldn’t bring up what Gray makes, keep in mind — this is Gray speaking about #ForceTheVote, and it’s the way she chose to frame the conversation regarding “What’s next.” Her comments on her salary weren’t an afterthought; they were literally brought up in the first minute of her discussion with Texas here:

I’m pretty convinced that BJG doesn’t give a fuck about who I am, and that’s fine. I don’t expect her to care about, or read, this piece. It seems as though she has bought into the binary idea that if you don’t support #ForceTheVote — you don’t care enough. That’s it.

She doesn’t care if it’s a “long shot” or “performative”, or that the guy at the center of the conversation calls Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman “sellouts” before they even take office.

BJG served as National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign. Would it surprise you to find that Jimmy Dore now considers Bernie a “sellout” for not using his hashtag? It, of course, shouldn’t — but here we are! Has she responded? No.

Ultimately, I would love to see BJG distance herself from Jimmy Dore, but that’s her business. If you ask me whether I think her credibility has been undermined — yeah, somewhat. I’d love to see BJG NOT attack progressives to get Patreon members, but it seems like she pretty much understands and embraces Dore’s business model at this point (I would VERY much like to be wrong about this).


There’s a couple of takeaways here. First and foremost, I want to thank Michael Brooks and Sam Seder. I understand that some people might feel like they “target” Dore, and there is this idea that anyone who criticizes Dore is “jealous of him”. I think that this take is complete bullshit, and have said so publicly.

Fuck Jimmy Dore. For years, he downplayed Trump, appears on Tucker Carlson, and I’m sorry if I don’t take his tirade against the #FraudSquad seriously. Jimmy Dore changes his ideas about you depending on whether you appear on his show, and he is now criticizing the DSA, because…why not?

BJG and Dore seem to think that there will be some huge media wave regarding a vote for Medicare For All, and I think they are entirely wrong. I realize that many Dore supporters will hate this post, so let me put this in bold:

You can support Medicare For All without thinking AOC, or The Squad, is the enemy.

This obsession with calling our most progressive politicians “sellouts” is insane, and it doesn’t have to do with “pressuring” them as much as just vilifying them. BJG repeatedly states that there is no “downside” to forcing a vote, but I wonder if she will ever elaborate on the downsides of making content attacking the Squad on a daily basis.

In conclusion, I think I’ve said enough. Let me end with this clip from Vaush. If I haven’t convinced you of anything, please watch:

I write about business, finance, technology, art, and culture. Featured in The Startup, Level, Data-Driven Investor, Med Daily, and more. neilmathew85@gmail.com

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