Hiring In 2022: 5 Recruiting Trends To Know

Neil Mathew
4 min readMay 16, 2022

The way that companies and organizations have decided to recruit and hire their employees have changed significantly from decade to decade. Technology has helped the entire recruiting sector evolve, and there are always new recruiting trends that emerge. Of course, there are still remaining issues when it comes to personal bias and hiring, as well.

The recruiting industry will change dramatically over the next several decades, and there will be some prominent trends regarding how and why it will evolve. Here are five recruiting trends to consider in 2022 and beyond.

Predictive Analytics

One of the most common recruiting trends right now is predictive analytics. It can offer an organization a lot in terms of identifying and predicting top performers. It can also measure the effectiveness of diversity recruiting, which could help companies revamp how they hire and analyze potential employees.

Predictive analytics is arguably the most critical recruiting trend because it could help with candidate fit, identify challenges, or explain what drives a future outcome. Predictive analytics can also help companies activate a previously dormant talent pool. If companies analyze historical data in the right way, predictive analytics could help them improve their recruitment processes significantly.


One of the great things about chatbots is that they can save a significant amount of time and money for an organization or an HR department. Recruiting chatbots can help automate the screening process, and it could even help some businesses when it comes to preboarding.

Chatbots can help with screening questions and help businesses schedule interviews and answer queries regarding salary structure, benefits, and more. Using a chatbot can be a potential game-changer, whether you are hiring in large volume or want to automate your recruitment processes.


Artificial intelligence will revolutionize every industry globally, and the recruiting industry will be part of it. AI…



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