20 Incredible Quotes Of 2021

Neil Mathew
6 min readNov 11, 2021

I’ve collected 20 of the most incredible quotes of 2021 — and I’m sure some will be more insightful to you than others. I thought it was only right to start off with one of the most iconic photos I saw this year, courtesy of Zellie Imani’s Twitter. See the original tweet here.

Let’s get to these quotes.


“It is one thing to be good at what you do, and it is another thing to be good and bold enough to have fun while doing it. Hanif Abdurraqib

I admittedly have not read Abdurraqib’s books yet, but he’s a respected author. You can follow him on Twitter here.

I’m not sure whether the original quote was SAID in 2021, but I saw the quote thanks to this tweet. Also, since I’m from New Orleans: here’s a link to the bakery cool enough to make the tweet possible.


“Creativity is more physical than we realize.” — Riz Ahmed

Ahmed blew me away with his acting in “The Night Of”, a 2016 HBO miniseries. I would say that the series never got its just due, but I suppose that’s a bit unfair when you consider that it got 13 Emmy nominations.

However, it seemed to lack the critical acclaim of other (in my opinion, less impressive) high-profile TV shows. Either way, it was obvious to me that Ahmed was headed to superstardom. If you haven’t seen Sound Of Metal, you should, and it’s the reason Ahmed offered up the quote in this NYTimes interview.


“That deliberate smallness, that inner focus, is the source of much of this understated record’s outsized power.” —…

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