18 Quotes, Volume 2

Neil Mathew
5 min readMar 7

Here are 18 quotes I recently enjoyed and/or found insightful.


“Indifference is a lot harder to correct than simple ignorance.”

From a Cory Doctorow short story, and quoted in this New Yorker article about Big Tech, AI, crypto, and more:


“In any relationship, there is an expectation of privacy. There is also an expectation of respect. Violate the latter and you relinquish your right to the former.”

From this excellent Guardian article that went viral on Twitter (at least “Writer Twitter”) recently:


“Passion is a fickle magnet: it pulls you toward your current interests. Values are a steady compass: they point you toward a future purpose.”

From this Adam Grant tweet:


They don’t tap a finger or a toe. They don’t feel music at all.”

From this New York Times article about a community of senior citizens who enjoy rock music, cannabis, and socializing in Ann Arbor:

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