18 Quotes, Volume 1 (July 2022)

Neil Mathew
4 min readJul 30, 2022
https://phodaley.com/black-gobi-ii (Credit To Jonas Daley)

Here are some of my favorite quotes from 2022 so far.

“We’re all engaged in an adult form of parallel play, quietly feeding off each other’s energy, alone but not alone.”

An incredible description of the beauty of a coffee shop, thanks to an interview with author Julie Otsuka in the New York Times.

“I was there when I needed to be there. I did my thing and was glad to be a part of it. I helped the best way I could at any time. I was there and did what was needed from me and did what was necessary without compromising any creative integrity.”

A succinct career summary from Chad Hugo, the “behind-the-scenes” half of The Neptunes, one of the most successful and innovative production/songwriting groups of all time.

“It will never escape their incentives.”

A simple quote, but also a declaration of “war” (and legitimate criticism) regarding Jack Dorsey and his ongoing resentment of “Web 3” and what it represents. While the term “Web3” remains nebulous, at least one tech billionaire seems to have drawn his line in the sand. Dorsey’s stance certainly hasn’t stopped VC firms from investing.

“In Louisiana, Black women were put in cells with male prisoners and some became pregnant. All children born in the penitentiary to Blacks were property of



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